Monday, September 7, 2009

A New Born...


My friend Matthew just had his baby girl not to long ago. She's so adorable just coming in over seven pounds. Can't wait to get some photographs happening with her. When we did Matt and Bre's maternity shoot we certainly didn't know if they were expecting a boy or girl, so we tried to stray away from themed photography and focused more on items of sentimental value which reflected their own childhood. Sunflowers and a blanket made out of her father's (passed away) old pants held such symbolic value. Matt's old teddy bear when he was a child was also used this shoot, they bear is in way better shape them most new children s toys.

Matt was certainly jumping for joy to know that he had a little one popping out of the oven anytime soon.... perhaps he was a little too excited... he eventually found his way up a light pole.

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